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Fantasy of Mahayana Buddhism

There was a reason how the fantasy of Mahayana Buddhism was invented.   

It was because the most of the people include the monks couldn’t get Selfless 

state ( hence not able to eliminate the cause of the trouble), therefore needed to

have an excuse = which was that having the sufferings is the enlightenment too.

(You have to accept the sufferings, and believe that you are still a happy person ! 

= if not happy, you are not believing strong enough.)  😀


Lord Buddha’s teachings was, that the deluded idea of Self is the root cause of

all the sufferings.  So that, if the Self which creates delusion was not there in

the first place, sufferings wouldn’t be there neither.

When Kisa Gotami’s “SELF” which had been grieving the loss of her child has

evaporated through the “running practice” the suffering was disappeared,

even though the fact of the death was still there.

When the “SELF” which was filled with doubt and perplexity of Churi Pantac

(Shuri Bantoku) was eliminated through 10 years work, sweeping the garden,

there no longer be any doubt or hindrance in his life, hence it was

his Enlightenment.

= Essentially, to eliminate the subject, the “SELF” which suffers with sufferings,

the sufferings would no longer be existed.   But not everybody can achieve this.

So that, the Mahayana invented an easy solution to change the story

 “to have sufferings is also the Enlightenment” =

this is a religion, based on the belief and the blah blah not the concrete truth.


Instead to do the actual mental training (desensitize the perception),

it was substituted by the fancy belief.  = Glorious stories were invented and

the Mantra with magic power (said to have :-D) was imported from Tantrism.

Many new Buddha styled god were invented not mention a lords of divine

figures from Hinduism. It was a clear departure from a fact based teachings of

Lord Buddha to a fantasy based mythical religion.

In metaphor, the teachings to swim across the river was substituted by the

fantastic stories and the pictures of Heaven on the other side of the river, with

a sales caption “Just come on board, this big ship will take you there”.

While abandon the practice to save oneself, instead, to sell the ticket of the ship,

using the same Buddha’s name is a fraud.

What a history.



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  1. elmediat said, on September 6, 2014 at 10:06

    Interesting observations. They show a pattern that exists in most institutionalized forms of religion. I think this arises in the divide between those who have direct spiritual experience, those who have interaction with those who have this experience and those who have only heard stories about the experience. The further away you are from the experience, the more likely you are to interpret the metaphor & symbolism as literal events. You also start building up complex rules & rituals based on this interpretation. To enforce those rules, you build lots of expensive social institutions. By this time you are as far away from enlightenment as you can get. Instead of enlightenment, you get a sense of entitlement.

    If we all worked to help others in society and reduce as much external unfairness that creates wide social suffering, then individuals could be more open and less concerned with self. Of course that is next problem, which comes first, a society that cares for others or individuals who have become free of the over-powering self. 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on September 6, 2014 at 10:29

      I agree with you. The “sense of entitlement” is a good expression.
      When this entitlement rose the level of Ego,
      it would be even harder to separate from the self.
      So that, those whom in power with money mistook they got a
      moral high ground as well.

  2. Antique Buddhas said, on September 4, 2015 at 10:09

    Well interesting observation.
    yeah some of the Buddhist figures in Buddhism do seems like figures from Hinduism but that doesn’t mean that teachings of Buddhism is a fake and people fancy buddhism using the name of Buddhism.
    In fact if you go deeper in the path of buddhism then only one can truly understands the meaning of Buddhism all the figures in hinduism.
    Thank You

    • yoshizen said, on September 4, 2015 at 11:08

      Thank you for commenting here. I appreciate your view though, if it was the case, please teach me from your deeper understanding, why the counter teachings of the
      Lord Buddha then “Don’t worry, when your body dies, your mind / SELF dies too = it’s mean all the sufferings will cease then, and this is THE Nirvana. (of course no Reincarnation = NO former life = NO CAST therefore utter denial of the emerging NEW idea in the Vedic tradition = Hinduism. And this was why there was no Cast in the Lord Buddha’s sangha = hence attracted so many followers.) has been changed to Hindu style.
      —– by the way, if you are knowledgeable to Hindu (Tantric) supernatural phenomena, could you explain me why like this happen.

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