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Genuine ? — or tampered Scripture

On the end of previous post, I rather casually wrote

Now look around and check so-called books about the Buddhism.

How many this kind of absurdities you can find ?” —– though,

I realized that it was not so easy job for the most of Buddhists in

the town.  Often, they were given only few booklet to read by the leader

or the instructing monk and not used to look for any other scripture.

For the monks, the followers are the cash-cow, of course, they don’t

want the followers to know anything other than “What he is teaching”.


In the net, there are enormous number of the Scriptures available (in different translation).

Here is a sample of website, kindly providing comprehensive collection of the scriptures.

On their list, by scrolling down, soon after the Agama series, you may find a sutra called

[ Compassionate Lotus Sutra ] , click an English version and — you may start reading. —–

though, if you like a shortcut, go to V-6 (0157 / 0158) and scrolling down to somewhere

paragraph 13 =

“‘For the 1004 persons including Fire-Wreath Manavaka, who reads and recites Veda — the

Exterior-Path scriptures, the Tathagata has already awarded them the distinctive marks

of future Buddhahood, which predicts that they will become Buddhas in the Good-kalpa

(Bhadra-kalpa: the present kalpa), and will, by using the three vehicles (yana), enlighten

all the living beings who often commit greed, lechery, anger, ignorance, and arrogance.”


A kind of Buddhists, more often called New-age group of the people, who is believing such 

as a mythical power of crystal etc too, also speaking the buzz-words, Veda, Upanishads etc

may not necessarily know the significance of the word Veda —– and this is the most

Un-Buddhists like word.   

Veda is the scriptures of Brahmanism, Hinduism but never with the Buddhism as

Lord Buddha took a stance against the existence of perpetual soul (Self = Atoman), 

hence against the idea of reincarnation. (When the Self isn’t existing, who reincarnate ?)


As the [Compassionate Lotus Sutra] referred to Veda, obviously this wasn’t a genuine

Buddhist scripture.    Likewise, neither the scripture which got many names of Vedic, 

Hindu Deities such as Brahma God was not.  

As a matter of fact, all the Mahayana scriptures are quite remote from the original

Lord Buddha’s teachings. —– other than some resemblance in the idea of Void.

Mahayana Buddhism might be better understood as a carnival party staff with a lots of

costumed Hindu dancers. It was a party entertainment, choreographed by Nagarujuna.

And in fact, it was an extravaganza of sales ploy!    Nagarjuna was quite talented in this

kind as he used to be a performing magician.


Still, the most important core of the Buddhist teachings were kept, not in the scriptures

but in their practice. (Of course, who believe a magical figure from another universe kind,

but through the practice the psychological, physiological change actually occur and it was

noticed by the followers.)   This was the reason why Zen teachings says 不立文字 (Never

rely on the lexical teachings) 以心伝心 (Heart to heart transmission).

And why all the Buddhist’s teachings consists endless repeated act as their practice.

(Chanting the name thousands of times, banging the drum, walking round and round so on

—– counting the breath or special way of breathing is literally endless practice.)

—– I’ll talk about this in the coming post.




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