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Zombie ? — What ?

Somebody who read the post [Key Mechanism in Zen Buddhists Mind] asked me

“Practising a repeated long practice, isn’t it a person in a zombie state, on the way

for brain-washing ?” — What ? — also long time ago, somebody told me that he was

thinking that the Zen is in the Trance State”.

Of course, those views were utter misunderstanding, it was a rack of insight toward

his own mind or own experience. —– From the context of the post, it should be

understood that the neurological state in the Buddhists Practice is not far from a

typist or riding a bicycle — in fact even from a walking.

Expert Typist is not necessary using his (her) lexical brain to check the spelling but

finger is just following the eyes picking the letter on a draft.    Or riding a bike or

walking, its body coordination was all in the motor region, hence no conscious  

thinking was needed for a walk. (I mean how to move each foot next by next.  🙂 )


So that, being economical in the data process, is a norm in our brain and omitting

the process in the Emotional Region does not make anybody Zombie.    Far from it,

while bypassing the Emotion (Fear of Death kind) such as the Emergency Rescue Team

could see the situation with cool-head, not mention a Martial Artist could come closer

to the opponent and able to give more effective attack in a freedom of movement.

While eliminating the hindrance of emotion, the person get far more clear eyes and

the cool judgement, in other words it is exact opposite of a Zombie state.

Bypassing the same-patterned signal doesn’t mean get blinded.    While bypassing the

same pattern, any minute difference out of pattern would be instantly singled-out and

will be responded.

Think those phenomena in the own experience how you were doing then.

This is the best beauty of the Zen as well.



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