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The regular reader of this blog might have noticed that the talk in the previous post [Poppy Poppy] became increasingly lecturing.  Yes, I know it. The reason was the same why I made an exception to come to a public event and took picture. —– A while ago, I had a chat with a photographer who has just finished the school and learning to become Professional while doing an assistant work.  As she asked me “How to make a good Photograph” I answered ” Just press the button” she stunned and burst into laughing.  “Oh gosh, I never heard such answer”.  

“When you see a beautiful light, press the button. — It’s mean, if you couldn’t see it’s beauty, you don’t have the eyes to see.  And even if you could see it, still not able to press the button,  you don’t have a good reflex, either case, you are hopeless and any sort of advice or knuck to take picture would be useless.  Otherwise, you were lucky enough to take good picture.  Then do it.   

Poppy Talk-2-A09A5158-001-PS

Poppy Talk-3-A09A5151 Anyhow, it is pointless to speak about photography => it’s better  to see the real situation and a way of the photographic approach,  and the captured images —– good or bad. = Everything is  self explanatory.  So, those photos (with the photos of Last  Post) were the finishing part of the chat or the “lecture”.    🙂

 —– Just press the Button, mean, “Just take picture with the own intuition”, but not a theory or special thinking kind.  Still, it is better to know about the  subject, history, episode in  human term (mean, not politics or technology) which did hit  your  emotion, but the most important point is to capture the image,  sweet to your eyes. (it doesn’t mean looks nice, cute person  smiling, but in the image, context and the emotion has settled and balanced) = DON’T chase dramatic image, until you yourself  experienced a drama in your life.) 

Poppy Talk-4-A09A5162-001-PS

So, this is the picture which was not a settled image but make the mind to stray away.  It’s mean, this is not a sweet picture. —– even after 70 years, Poppy field has not settled calm for some people yet.  

Peace to the dead soldier’s Soul.



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  1. elenacaravela said, on November 23, 2014 at 14:15

    I have no technical skill at all, with a camera. All I ever do is “push the button”. I must say that sometimes I’m frustrated by my ignorance, because I’m unable to capture what I want, but most of the time I use my intuition:).Thanks, Yoshi.

    • yoshizen said, on November 23, 2014 at 15:06

      Unless a bird gave only one chance, we can try one
      more shot with the change of speed etc, and we can
      learn a bit by bit.
      (You know, my photography was self-taught = simply, I tried a lot.
      And my ignorance gave me no fear even modify a camera, thanks goodness ! 😀 )

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