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Report—Firework ? ? ?


I suppose, everybody blogging on the WordPress platform saw own annual report.

—– m m m, nothing new or surprising though, — ? ? ?   How that firework fired ?

I mean, who selected the day, with what criteria ? —– it was nothing to do with the

day’s access or number of comment received.  

It seems the posts selected were somewhat interesting and slightly funny. Still ? ? ?


The post on 4th Feb’ about a Pinhole combined with optical lens might be the first

ever attempt on the history. (Notice me if I were wrong.)

Post on 31st March which showed the way how to make electronic circuit to control 

F-aperture in a dismantled junk lens might be a very unique practice.   But a post

on 13th June, about the dried orange peel —– was a funny selection but I like it.

And the Post 8th Sept’ was talking about how the oldest Buddhist Scripture was  

NOT faithfully written down according to the original teachings —– was the very 

important post to me though, I didn’t expect others would share the same view.  

The post 19th Oct’ was showing the photo of the morning sky = taken by the

Tri-color Pinholes = pseudo Turner’s paintings = WordPress liked my joke.  Good ! 


I thought, WP’s Stats were operated purely by automatic counting program, still the 

design of Annual Report seemed to be overseen by a human (who got a wit — but

how many manpower they got to deal with million of Blogs ) —– or

their “Automatic program” got human-like AI now ? !   (It’s horrifying)   😀


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  1. bentehaarstad said, on December 31, 2014 at 17:12

    Happy New Year Yoshizen, and that is not automatically generated! 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on December 31, 2014 at 17:32

      Happy New Year Bente. —- but, in that case, think
      sheer amount of reading !

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