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Blinds and Elephant

Among the millions of metaphors human culture has, the one such as

“Moon and Pointing Finger” was known to be associated with Zen Buddhism.

A story of the Blinds and Elephant was too widely known and seemed to have

lost its origin.   But this story/metaphor has Buddhist origin too, and this

metaphor was exactly about the Buddhists themselves, was forgotten.


There are tens if not hundreds of the descriptions to explain Buddhism.   Such as

Mushin, Void, Mindfulness, Middle way, Clear-eyes, Detachment, Impermanence,

Ichijo, Compassion, Dharma, Karma, Delusion, Contemplation, Enlightenment,

— etc etc.   So that, the people whether believer or the outsider, they think that

there are many aspects, or the elements in the Buddhism which necessitates to

master next by next — though, it is the utter misunderstanding or misguided idea.


Since those Notion and the Words were used to describe a state of the mind,

people were made to believe that such each state IS exists.  = Just same as

one blind man told while touching its flapping ear saying “The Elephant is a

soft thin disk just like a nan bread” and the other said “Oh, it is a very thick

rubbery hose, like a vacuum car’s hose” etc etc.

—– The trouble to deal with Buddhism was, that the most of its phenomena,

state of the mind are in the subconscious of the person, hence it is invisible to

the people, even to the person himself.   Inevitably, all those descriptions were

nothing but a guess work of the person, mixed with the hearsay. —– It’s mean,

a person who couldn’t even see the own mind speaking about the Buddhism, let

alone whether he himself had reached to the level to know what the Buddhism is.


Typical sample of it in these days is, the fashion of “Mindfulness” even in a kind of

business lecture !   The most funny things about this word “Mindfulness”, there is

NO Japanese or Chinese word of this notion exists. = It was a western invention or

made-up —– probably, a sham doctor selling miracle portion kind of “Zen monk”

had used the word first, while having a misunderstanding that the Zen is “a kind of

concentration of the mind”.

If you know about the Zen Buddhism a little bit, you may know the word “Mushin =

Mind of no-mind” —– sound somewhat opposite of “Mindfulness” though, as a state

of the mind, those two is in-separable one.  (and nothing like a concentration at all =

Zen is a completely relaxed, open, detached mind = hence No-mind / Void = in fact,

all those different explanations were about the same state —– the person who said,

didn’t know the real situation / state in his real experience — came from hearsay )

= So, it is clear, the person who is using a word “Mindfulness” is a person who is

pretending to know the Zen Buddhism, (and telling “It’s a hose of vacuum-car”) 😀


—– A funny story in Japan is, one of the big University, Waseda Uni’ has a

student group called “Mindfulness Society” = obviously following a book (or two)

written by the westerner. —– Or, they might have learned that “Mindfulness is no

longer the Buddhism but New religion” = Cool western religion !

— What a hose. 😀



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