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Why Live ? ? ?


[ —– 以上のように、名越さんはご自身が仰るように仏教の專門家ではない「門外漢」ながら、






方便ができるようにチャレンジしてみてくださいね。 合掌



I’ve come across a small book review (as it was so small, I should say “introduction” ) 

of a book titled “Why live as we are going to die anyway” on a Buddhist’s website

 called Higan-dera.    Its article is small and only minute portion of the book was

 quoted, (and I haven’t read the book itself) I may not to have enough source to talk 

 about —–still, what I noticed was, that despite the “review” was written by a

 Pure-land sect monk, and the book was written by a psychiatrist/alienist doctor,

 their understanding of the Buddhism were so casual and romanticized. =

May be the indication of the social/spiritual situation of Japan today.

= So much (too much) information of everything, hearsay they-say, stereotypical 

 idea (not necessary correct) saturating the society yet, non of the correct,

systematic understanding of the Buddhism was upheld.


The author of the book, Dr.Yasufumi Nagoshi was deducing how individual was

connected to the human-network from a mandala drawing —– what a fancy idea !

Mandala was a symbolic depiction of the Buddhist’s idea of the world, created

2000 years or so ago, — still, long before any Mandala was drawn, human being

has been living in their network/society. —– or Nagoshi was try hard to make a point

“Human relation HAS to be in the Buddhist’s context” — was he ?


It seemed, Nagoshi didn’t give the answer to the question “Why live” but telling that

the Buddhism is providing the Rules, the Practices, the Guidelines for the daily living

and through this daily life, we can connect to the others, and this vital helping network

makes the people to live and make their life living-worthy.

—– and a Pure Land monk, Jokun who gave this review seemed to have very impressed

by this view, as this human network is the way of the Mahayana Buddhism. —– sound

sweet though, still it didn’t make the answer.    Obviously they two were talking about

“How to live” but didn’t aware, or know how and why we exist here.

Otherwise, the burst majority of the world population is living without good cause or

living-worthy reason.    The reason why we live is not dependent to the romanticized

Buddhist’s idea but by the hard rational.


So, Why live ? ? ? — the answer, which they should have given was, that We are having

the life which was given by the Dharma. (Mind you, since Dharma runs the Universe, it

covers non Buddhist as well.  = Same as the gravity affecting anything any people.)

We didn’t ask or chose to exist. We exist neither by accident or random occurrence.

Our existence came from all the cause in the moment of the conception and all the

preceding condition of which the Buddhist calls Karma.    So that, the one exists here,

was made by those cause and the condition = it was a rational consequence almost like

a direction.  This direction can be seen almost like a will or the plan of the Dharma and

the reason why such direction created the Person WAS that there was a needs of which

the person to fulfil. = This on-going total system IS the Dharma.   Law of the Universe.

—– It’s mean, we were here to fulfil the role. = it was not our free choice, neither we can

refuse or escape.   Therefore we live, = we have to.

—– (So that, actuary to undertake the project, “to be me” = we need to find “who me”

and the role to play.   This was the reason why “Self awareness” became crucial to be a

Buddhist — though, don’t mix-up with the “self conscious Ego”. —– the

difference is,  the detached eyes to see the self or the self imposed imaginary self.)



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