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HOBEN (方便) / Upaya — in Buddhism

In one before previous post, “Why live”, the author of the book Dr. Ogoshi was

saying that the Hoben (方便) (upaya = Sanskrit) = the mean or way (to lead others to

the Enlightenment) as the vital part of the human relation therefore that makes

the Reason to live.


Among the religions, the only one asking the followers “to understand (the matter)”

is the Buddhism.   All others need just believe what was said or written.

With this reason, only the Buddhism having a notion of Direct transmission or

Hoben/upaya  and the Pathway.   All those are just the mean and the process. —–

Why those mean or process was talked about, but not the goal itself was = that

because, the goal couldn’t be explained, even if anybody knows. Because, it is Void.

Indeed, it’s a funny religion and the strange deal = on the end, you may get the Void

at its best.   If it was short of best, you get nothing.   Get nothing, yet even if you did

the best, get Void !  —– How Fantastic ! ! !

( at least the another religion is promising the heaven or paradise kind of good deal!

— whether it was fraud or not in the eyes of  Advertising Standard Authority.)


In the famous Kisa Gotami story, what she was instructed was to obtain the

mustard seeds from the house never had bereavement. — After knocking all

the doors in the village, and running all the day, she was convinced that the

bereavement is the truth of human existence. —– The advice of

Lord Buddha, “To save the dead child, it need to get the mustard seeds” was not

necessary true though, the action she took, definitely brought her the enlightenment

and helped her to overcome a sorrow of the lost child. —– And to give such a good

advice and lead the person to get enlightened IS the Mahayana Buddhist duty.

(It must be much harder to enlighten the other.   Who got the brain of

Lord Buddha, in this world today ? ! )



PS:  In the mainstream Buddhism, Kisa Gotami’s story

was understood only as a sample of Hoben shown by

Lord Buddha.   But, what I’ve been talking about is, its contributory effect of

“Repeating Actions” (running and knocking all the doors  next by next) to her

brain function.  = (Repeating input to the brain lead the apathetic response =

input would be handled emotionally detached = this is all about

the Buddhist’s practice and the VOID in the mind.)


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  1. […] そもそもバラモン教、べーダ思想の根幹である霊魂の不滅に対して発想された無我の思想が釈尊の悟りの根底、つまり出発点において確立されていなかったとは考え難い。(見ている当人、主体が無いならそれが見た対象が存在する筈が無いと、空観に発展する)しかし、自我の問題ばかりは説明しようの無い難問であるのです。自我あるいは、霊魂は無いと言えるのは、その概念が在ると言う事を前堤に成り立っているので、そもそもそれが初めから存在しなかったら発想もし得ない。色盲の人に色については説明しようが無いのと同じです。ーーーで、真に自我が無いならそれについて説明できる筈が無いし、そのふりをしながら言葉で説明するのは詐欺でしかない。しかし、この壁をのり越えるのに別に梵天の登場を待つ必要は無かった、と言うよりそもそも言葉で説明する必要は無かったのです。要するに何かをやらせて見れば良い。人が何かをやる時、別に自我は必要ではない。歩く目的やその損得を考えるのはわざわざ考えた時であって、歩いている最中には何も考えていない。つまりそれをやっている本人がそれに気がつけば良いのです。あるいは何かのたとえ話しで解らせる事もできる。ここから仏教独特の行とか方便と呼ばれる教法が出てきた訳ですが、それらは皆、 […]

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