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Fun from a broken Camera

Canon G9-1-A09A6024

Often when a camera of my friend or a friend of friend has broken down,

that camera was brought to me to have it repaired or for me to have a fun.

But a compact digital camera, Canon Powershot G9 was dropped in the muddy

water and beyond the repair = so,  I had a fun !  (and beyond.  🙂 )

Canon G9-2-A09A6027

The inside of the camera had, not only a water but also a lots of sand too,

hence like a lens barrel got stuck etc — rather hard to even disassemble

(not mention the rusted and stucked screws) — still, some of the parts were

survived well and still functioning !    The photo above was a 16 MP image sensor

and its left, pale green grass was a filter to remove the effect of Infra-red ray.

I think, this sensor is still usable though, what for ? —– Make yet another

imaging device ? = nothing creative = just buy a security camera would be cheaper. 

Canon G9-3-A09A6029

This was an interesting device = rather early design (this camera appeared

on the market 2007) of the Image-stabilizer.

As you might know a projected image is upside down.    So that, when the camera

was shaken down, the image would move upward.  Therefore, if a part of the optics

in which carrying the image, which was already upside down was shaken down,

its movement cancelling the shake.  = With this theory, Canon designed an

Image-stabilizing optics with rather heavy magnets and the driving coils.  

—– The whole unit was suspended by 3 springs therefore, it’s bounce with

camera shake to the opposite direction = but as I said, the projected image was

upside down, the camera shake was cancelled.  = It was a clever design though,

as its bounce was affected by the gravity, it wouldn’t be consistent with the different

positioning of the camera (holding the camera vertical or horizontal, or aiming

 up or down may affect to sense the direction and a strength of the movement. ) 

Canon G9-4-272-001

In the device, orange colored mouth (eye ?) shapes were the electric coils to control

the movements of the magnets. (on the photo left, it was heavily rusted ) On the photo 

right, round shaped component was a stepping motor to drive an Iris (F-aperture)

and this motor and Iris was working, I’ll use it somewhere on future.

Canon G9-5-273-001

The photo left, this is the back of the Image-stabilizer,  and it’s showing

two drive unit for the shutter and the built-in ND filter.

And the center and right photos, they shows the last (4th) optical group before

the image sensor and this optics might be a focusing unit which was driven by

a stepping motor with a screw movement.  

(I’m planing to make something with its fine and precise movement.)

Canon G9-6-274-001

The photo left, this was the first group of the optics or the front lens, and as a convex

lens, it would be used as a simple single glass lens. (Somewhat, 55 mm F2 lens.  🙂 )

The center photo was the second group of the optics which is acting as a concave lens,

creating zoom effect though, it seemed, those 2nd and the 3rd groups move together

with very complexed movement, it was not easy to say how zooming was done.  

The photo right shows the grooves on the barrel, by which how each group of

the lens moves.   (Small pin on the plastic barrel moves in those grooves = you see,

how those lenses were flimsy and fragile = one drop would destroy the camera and

it is cheaper to buy another camera than to repair (by replace the lens all together.)


One broken camera provide quite useful components and the opportunity to

think  “What could be designed and made out of those components” —– the game

of the creativity.  So, it is a fun. ( —– without the cost !)



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  1. bentehaarstad said, on February 9, 2015 at 10:47

    It is great we have fun in different things. I couldn’t fix a thing. But I am impressed with people who can tear things apart, not to mention putting it back together. Or use it in other ways.

    • yoshizen said, on February 9, 2015 at 11:44

      Thank you Bente. As I born on the end of last war and grown up when there wasn’t much toys,
      our generation get used to make or improvised something for fun or for use. = In a hindsight,
      our generation might be lucky and feel pity to today’s children who only knows to press a
      button on the game machine.
      What I’m going to do with those components are very primitive things. (You will see) 🙂

  2. elenacaravela said, on February 12, 2015 at 17:58

    Fascinating that you are have an intuitive understanding and creative appreciation of cogs and parts:)

    • yoshizen said, on February 12, 2015 at 18:27

      Thank you Elena though they didn’t come intuitively but from the hard
      learnings from hundred of failure. (Still it didn’t cost me. 🙂 )

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