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Dale’s Studio

Dale's Studio-1-DSC_6112-001

——– (Note: Photo above by Zeiss 18mm lens for Nikon = Virtually no Distortion ! ) 

Yesterday, I went to the studio of Dale in the east London who also run the Cafe,

Small White Elephant to help a documentation, photographing his paintings.

As always, when I go out to take picture, it was a sunny blue-skyed day. = Almost

like the first spring day of this year.

(In fact, I’ve told him “If the weather was like this rainy, it would be a sign of

that the Heaven doesn’t like you” as the day before was rainy.)

Dale's Studio-1B-DSC_6120-001

As always, the studio was in a disused big industrial building,

some walk from the Bromley by Bow station.  = Real East End ! —– the area

“was” really a derelict, disused industrial land though, in the past few years,

suddenly new development was started. = would become posh town soon ! ? 

Dale's Studio-2B-DSC_6101-001

Utterly out of my guess, Dale’s paintings were the riot of colors with tons of paint.

— paint was not painted but more likely, deposited on the canvas. (= so that,

even after few years, some paint was still not completely dried yet.)

Dale's Studio-2-DSC_6137-001

I only say ” Wao, Amaaaaaaazing”.  and then, I realized the connection, why

he interested in Zen = those process to dripping the paint without having

much of  pattern or figure = almost endless work of Mushin (Mind of No-mind

= Do the task without needing to have the Thinking.)  —– And the result

—– it showed nothing or it is the everything !  (色即是空,空即是色 = like what

Heart Mantra said ) —– He was not trying to copy a style of Zen painting

but “Do the Zen” in action.

Dale's Studio-3-288-001

And, for the next step, for exhibition and for a publication, he needed

to have his paintings digitized.

Dale's Studio-4-DSC_6127-001

Dale's Studio-5-DSC_6140-001

When we finished the shooting, his friends came to the studio with cans of beer.  

Dale's Studio-6-DSC_6145-001

In most of the case, the studio of the artist never be tidy —– so, looks like this

pile of mess = was not a mess = it was a collage of the doodles or a draft of plan

etc etc. in his past (= said to be.  🙂 )

dale's Studio-7-DSC_6134-001

Therefore, I wouldn’t make any question “What is this ?” to an artist.

(with obvious reason.  🙂 )

Dale's Studio-8-DSC_6146-001

So, I even didn’t have an attempt to guess what they are — why the blobs of

the paint was kept and treasured ? ? ?

Dale's Studio-9-DSC_6149-001

In some distance, over the Bow Creek, landscape of the East End.

The life is there as usual. (of usual kind.  🙂 )

(Camera used was: Nikon D810 with PC Nikkor 35mm F2.8 and

Carl Zeiss 18mm F3.5 for Nikon)


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  1. bentehaarstad said, on February 18, 2015 at 21:50

    Ah, that is my kind of paintings, and my kind of job, lucky you. Great documentation Yoshizen! Who needs spring when you have got that kind of input.

    • yoshizen said, on February 18, 2015 at 22:45

      It was not a job but a visit with a camera.
      (I don’t charge a fee unless it was a job from a big corporate or big magazine.)
      (The deal was, when he sold the paintings he would buy a USB memory by himself,
      and give it back to me. —– and I’m paying for a cup of coffee in his Cafe. 🙂 )
      So, having a visit to creative people in a fine spring like day = was the pleasure.

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