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Jazz at the Cafe / February


Jazz night on this month at the Small White Elephant Cafe had a guest musician

Harrison Cole as a trumpet player.


Handsome boy Harrison (originally from Colombia) has been in Japan several

times, so, I teased him “You must be chased by many pretty girls there” — he said

“No no, nothing like that. My friend tried to chase those Kawaii-ko, neither him

was successful”  ” Ha, ha, ha, I don’t believe you”.


—- Left  Harrison Cole / Trumpet ——– Tris Harris / Drum ——- Les Booth / Bass Guitar


(They were experienced enough to ignore trespassing photographer — thanks ! )


With a good rethome and a touch of latin Trumpet, the customers started dancing.


During a break and after the music, a lots of chat with musicians, visitors

each other — there was even other photographer who was wondering what a

funny lens I was using. (my handmade fuzzy lens !)


It was more like a socializing occasion —– good fun !



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