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Daffodil — Lens Test


As the spring has started, I took the lenses (in fact quite few) which I “made” duling 


 the winter hibernation out to the test.  🙂

And those lenses were designed to use with 

 tilting bellows I specially made for Canon 5D.

Photo left, Those three lenses (mounted on the

 Nikon mount adapter) were saved from 

 the broken cameras or lenses.

— Left one came from Canon G9, center one from an old zoom lens and the right one

came from a Wide-adapter and as they are having focal-length about 50mm~60mm

therefore effective F-aperture is about F2 (fully open only ! )   And being used on the

Tilting bellows they are able to give a focus from infinity to more than 1:1 close-up.

(with a bit of difficulty on use.  😀 )


Most of the photos here were taken by the “Center lens” photo before, except

the right photo above, which was taken by the Canon Fisheye lens.






Well, they were just a fraction of test shot —– still, shows some results

which I appreciate a lots.  🙂       ( —– whatever you say.  😀  ) 



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  1. elenacaravela said, on March 23, 2015 at 21:52

    Your daffodils are radiating sunshine!

    • yoshizen said, on March 23, 2015 at 22:59

      Thank you Elena. Glad to hear that and that was the very point I’ve
      worked hard to create. 🙂

  2. G9 Lens | Yoshizen's Blog said, on December 20, 2017 at 23:03

    […] of the Canon’s G-series compact camera.  Before, the lens was made Nikon mount like an individual Macro lens to use on a bellows.  With an arrival of Nikon D850, I did a remake of the lens, while giving a focusing barrel.  […]

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