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Images from Southbank (A)


Like a word “City” mean a specific area of London, adjoining the north of Tower

of London where a lots of Banks, financial establishments were concentrated,

a word “Southbank” having special meaning as the center of the art performance,

from the music concert to the art exhibition.  

So, I’ve been this area quite often, long since —– though, this time it was

nothing to do with their art but just a casual snapshot on the street.


The lens used was that “Homemade Two elements Lens” consisting with two

plastic lenses = one from Toy Camera and a specs’ lens for short-eye sighted.

—– I didn’t design the lens but that toy lens happen to be there and I just

stretched its focal length by placing a concave lens on front.

(made it as a Retrofocus type)

(The beauty of this lens is, there is no focus or Iris control = just click it !)


I don’t have much of intention to control the image.  I happen to be there and

the scenery was there.  (by the way, there was no PS kind of process but just clop.)




Anyhow, this lens happen to have this quality which I like very much. 

It’s a fun indeed.  😀



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