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Graffities in Peckham

Peckham Graffiti-14-A09A8173

Those photos were a part of the test shot of the 100 year old lens. = Generally,

the lens works pretty well — considering to its fungi infested aged state.

(Under large magnification, we can see the halation is eating away each detail.

The halation around the bright spot must be caused by the scattered light on the

fungi.  And the images near the corner is much softer = the lens’ aberration.)  

But otherwise, this lens doesn’t seemed to be worse than those phone-cameras.

Peckham Graffiti-01-A09A8146

Peckham Graffiti-02-A09A8147

Peckham Graffiti-03-A09A8151

Peckham Graffiti-04-A09A8153

Peckham Graffiti-05-A09A8155

Peckham Graffiti-06-A09A8164

Peckham Graffiti-07-A09A8165

Peckham Graffiti-09-A09A8172

Peckham Graffiti-10-A09A8174

Peckham Graffiti-11-A09A8176

Peckham Graffiti-12-A09A8178

Peckham Graffiti-13-A09A8179

To enlarge the shiny metal part, the halation is quite visible.

But the question is, who notice it and who care such details ?

— Some professional photographers may need to have the image part enlarged

for an editorial reason though, otherwise most of the camera user is using their

photo smaller than a tablet size. = so, this 100 year old lens is good enough.  😀



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  1. Nazi said, on June 19, 2015 at 22:55

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