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Magnifier glass on test

Magnifier Test-1-2-001

A guy who’ve read my blog about the experiment on the fuzzy junk lenses,

teased me “Why not those reading glasses ?” —– Indeed, why not test.

So that a Magnifier / Reading Glass was stucked on a bellows and tested.

(This lens has about 135 mm focal length.)

— as it is (Fully open), or with improvised Iris. (Photo above Center)

—– and later, I tested Flat-lens (Plastic Fresnel Lens) as well.(Photo Right)

Magnifier Test-2-3-001

Photo above Left = magnifier fully open.  

And the Center = With Iris (about F11) — halation was reduced though, utterly

poor image quality.  

On the photo Right = (part enlarged center), as the flair / halation was removed, 

the chromatic aberration (=red and blue on the edge) clearly prevailed.

Magnifier Test-Fresnel Lens-3-A09A8448

And this is the image made by a plastic fresnel lens. (Looks like an image

of a Pin-hole camera, made by a 0.7 mm big pin-hole. )

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of this kind of crap image.

But I still say, crap image is still an impressionistic photo image. 🙂 )

Canon Zoom-4-4-001

(And the photos above are the reference = taken by the Canon EF 70~200 mm

F2.8 at 135mm setting on F8)

Pentax 135mm-328-001

In addition, this photo was by the 50 years old Pentax 135mm F3.5 Lens 

on F8.  (Not too bad from the £10 secondhand lens with fungi.)

We may need to know what is the descent standard — at least.  😀

Crap image is not same to the soft image I’m after

(= soft image still need to have its sharp core in the center.)



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