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The controller I made to create a Focus-shift effect for the photos was using

the battery case from the discarded Canon G9 camera together with its battery

= NB-2LH.

What I needed was much smaller battery though, other choices were the

battery for Lumix camera but they are 3.7v (it needs to be more than 5v)

otherwise AAx4 or AAAx4 type. —–> I settled to the Canon battery.

As the brand-name suggests, it was a well made battery system = easy

to use and could last for ever kind. (I mean the case, not the battery itself)  🙂

 Battery case-1-A09A8659Commonly used among the Canon cameras,

 the battery retaining latch was well designed 

 and made.

 —– think, if I had to design this kind myself,

 what would I make and need to work ?

= conclusion = if it IS already there, why not

use it straight.    It could save

all the hustle, still it cost nothing. 🙂 = This is called appropriation.

— this word gives pretty bad impression though, think about, is there

ANYthing we are NOT appropriating for our life.

= All the foods were happen to be there, not necessary to be eaten by us.

= We are just appropriating its edible character and its existence. (Only a food

we are not killing for us to eat IS the humble salt.)

—– Give a thought or two, have we human being ever contributed to a survival of

this planet and its life form ANY good ?


Even an electrical component which was a human invention, still I didn’t make

= I’m just using it.  Isn’t this, an appropriation of its character and the function ?

There are two types of the semi-conductors, one would open the gate and allow

the electric current to flow when positive signal was given, other type does open

the gate when negative signal was applied. (they were called NPN or PNP type or

N-channel or P-channel type etc) = We are just utilizing the appropriate type of

component to configure the circuit.

What we call “Landscape photography” is in fact, an appropriation of the natural

(though, sometime man-made) scenery to copy — there is very little opportunity 

to create the image out of nothing. —– You may not guessed 

what I would write here —– this network of appropriation is indeed, what

Lord Buddha pointed out “the Karma” = nothing could exists by its own.



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