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Zeiss Talon Lens

Zeiss Talon-1-A09A9188

It was the same odds and ends box of the camera shop, City Camera Exchange

in the Strand, London, where I found Carl Zeiss projection lens for £2.

(in fact, together with some lens caps, hood etc = lens alone could be £1 ?  😀 ) 

Zeiss Talon-2-7-001

I guess, this lens must be as old as 50 odd years, and the slide-projector

which takes this lens must be long gone and impossible to find even

coming through all the junk shops in London.

Therefore a chance for this lens to meet THE rightful user who got the

Zeiss projector and looking for the replacement lens is virtually nil,

hence it was sold £1. —- instead, the lens encounter the NOT-right at all

kind of user. (= And I guess, it was also a very rare occurrence to encounter   

a person who could utilize the lens like what I did.  😀 ) 

(Projector has a problem to find the specifically designed projection lamp

= therefore most of the owner has found an obsolete situation and gave-up.

—– in fact, I was asked several times to modify the projector to use the

common 2pin halogen bulb.)

Zeiss Talon-3-9-001

Test the lens by mounting it on my Homemade Tilting Bellows, this lens

showed very reasonable (rather good) quality.    Lens seems to have three

lenses (Tesser type ?) and naturally no Iris (it’s mean full open F2.8 – 85mm

= very much like a 6×6 Spring Camera or Twin- lens Reflex Camera lens.)

Top photo showed general distance and the photo above left showed very

nice Bokeh on its close-up shot.    And the photo center was x1.5 close-up.

Photo right was the shot of tilted lens = Pan-focus and Shallow-focus effects.

= I should say, pretty good “Zeiss Lens” for £1 was too good to be true.   🙂

(But, this lens was too decent = out-of-focus Bokeh was very soft though,

no fancy spherical aberration to make fuzzy softness. — shame !)  🙂



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