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Vibe and Shift — (I mean together)

Vibe and Shift-1-001

Isn’t this bokeh beautiful ? —– otherwise the photo looks just like

normal (photo left) —– What I gave to this photo was a shake.

(The lens was Tamron Zoom 70~300 mm)   As the vibrating motor

 was attached on the front filter ring, when it was vibrating, the 

focus ring was slipping off the prefocused position too.   Hence the

exposed photo gained a blur and an out-of-focus bokeh together.

(I think it looks like a softness of the Zeiss lens.  🙂 )

Vibe and Shift-2-A09A9835

 While developing the device system

 which will give a good vibration 

 while shutter opened, I needed to

 tinker a lot on the electronic circuit.  

 As I don’t have any more Canon G9’s

battery, I resorted with Panasonic Lumix camera’s battery which has only 3.7 V

and its low Voltage gave me a lots of headache of instability.

Vibe and Shift-3-001

Anyhow, I had to give numerous test click again and again while changing

the component etc etc = so, those photos were the by-product of the making.

The photos above here were created when the device was mounted on the

Canon EFS 18~55 zoom lens. = with funny halation, this photo looks like

an old anastigmat lens’.  🙂     Somewhat sweet isn’t it ?

Vibe and Shift-4-A09A9793 When photo was taken, while the lens 

 was vibrating, the hold of the camera 

 often shaken as well, creating just

 blurred image.

 (Never mind nobody is perfect.  🙂 )

 ( —– Such blurr could be utilized

 somewhere other photo session.  🙂 )

— When I finished the building work,

I’ll take the camera out for a field test.

(hopefully, before the Summer ended.  Ha ha ha  )



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