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Flower Patch by the Vibe-lens

Flower patch-Vibe test-02-A09A9993

I found a nice flower patch —– so, I took the pictures with the Lens Vibrating

Device for its first field test.   Yet there is the fundamental paradox, shake

the lens with vibrating motor to get painting like soft image but not as such 

to give too much blur, while flowers were blown by the wind and a holding 

hand shakes as well. —– So, some were successful but others were shaken 

too much still, as long as picture looks interesting, it’s OK.  🙂

(Lens used were, Modified Canon EFS Zoom 18~55mm IS-II,

Tamron Zoom 70~300mm, Canon 5D Mk-III)

Flower patch-Vibe test-01-A09A9954

With normal view, the flower looks like this.  🙂

Flower patch-Vibe test-03-A09A9955

Flower patch-Vibe test-04-A09A9999

flower patch-Vibe test-05-A09A0024

flower patch-Vibe test-06-A09A0009

flower patch-Vibe test-07-A09A0039

flower patch-Vibe test-08-A09A0045

Flower patch-Vibe test-09-A09A0036

Flower patch-Vibe test-10-A09A0042

Enjoyed ? —– or disturbed ?    Ha ha ha.  😀



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