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Flower Patch (5) — by 2-Element Homemade Lens (B)

2Ele Nikon

2Ele Nikon

And the lens here was the other one, for Nikon mount type.  

2Ele Nikon Lens-332-001Nikon fitting can be mounted 

on a Canon Eos body but not 

the other way round because 

the Nikon body (its frange-back 

on the Lens mount) is 2.5 mm

 thicker = Canon Lens on a Nikon body

can’t have an infinity focus but in the other hand, a mount 

converter on Canon for Nikon can have 2.5 mm to play with.

(Photo above, the lens was fitted with Nikon to EOS adapter.)

—– the reason why I further made Nikon type of this lens was,

“I wanted to have this fuzzy image in 32 MP sensor”— serious !   

(but the Canon is going to have 50 MP soon, how interesting.

—– Why 200K kind of image needs 20Mb size details ?

= this is THE Paradox — or joke Sir.   😀  )



Those two have a similar structure though, looks very different.

= Nikon type is much smaller still, as its front lens got stronger

curvature, it got stronger distortion.  And unlike Canon type,

I didn’t put an Iris (hole in a black-tape) the image has more flair.

—– (for a sake of choice, I left this fuzziness as it is.)



2Ele Nikon


I got quite few lenses which give me sharp image, so it’s nice to have other

choices of the lenses which could create fuzzy, painterly images from subtle

to utterly impressionists painting like one.  The beauty of this exercise is,

I don’t need to rely on the tool (so called program) somebody else has made.

My art has to be created by myself and for it, I don’t use a readymade template.

(of cause, I didn’t make 5D camera myself, still some time I do.)   Ha ha ha.


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    […] too heavy) snow scene could be like this.  The landscape over a snow curtain.  And I like this impressionist like image !   Shame I was not in there.   […]

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    […] While checking those homemade lenses, I found that the said Halina lens could, (with an additional diverging lens on front, its focal length would be extended) be used with a Nikon body.  So, I further converted to give a diverging lens and mounted them on a 42M to Ai (Nikon) mount adapter. = Here I got Omuni-focus lens for Nikon DSLR. (And this one was somewhat related to the other lens) […]

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