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Fancy a Fancy Lens ?

Fancy Lens-1-A09A1035Among my weird looks (often its function too) lenses this is the most fancy one.  

Fancy Lens-02-001

It was made out of the front element of a cheap fish-eye converter and 

the focusing element of the discarded Canon G9 compact camera.

(As the focusing lens had stepping motor built-in, I thought I could make

“Focus Shift” unit though, it didn’t work with strong front concave lens)

So, this fancy lens does just ordinary job = able to take mediocre photo.  😀

Fancy Lens-03-A09A1037

Fancy Lens-04-A09A1030

Fancy Lens-05-A09A1041

Fancy Lens-06-A09A1042

Fancy Lens-07-A09A1047

fancy Lens-08-A09A1060

Fancy Lens-09-A09A1067

Fancy Lens-10-A09A1069

Fancy Lens-11-A09A1055

Fancy Lens-12-A09A1054

Fancy Lens-13-A09A1085

Just like as a 60th Instamatic Camera, (though on a rather expensive setting)

the lens works just as a camera lens and produce “so so” kind of the images.

— still, considering it has only two lenses = front concave lens and the lear

convex lens and no focus at all,  it wasn’t too bad.

—–> with a kind of routine test here, this lens showed this character :

Fancy Lens-14-2-001

Since this wasn’t an omnifocus type of the lens, I needed to give a focus for close shot.

(Lens wasn’t fully inserted into the camera = about 2mm lifted-up from the mount)

= with the best focus, its image was surprisingly good ! (Photo left and the center)

But, when lens was fully mounted, the image was hopeless. (Photo right)

—– I’m not sure whether this lens ever become my fancy  🙂



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  1. […] I further tested that 25 mm lens with much stronger diverging lens (which has been used for other “Fancy lens” before) = With stronger diverging power, the lens could have much longer back-focus = hence larger […]

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