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Gaudy Lens, gaudy images

Gaudy lens-A-01-A09A1226

They are the pictures of the first field test of a homemade lens I described

on the previous post, the Gaudy Lens.

Gaudy lens-A-02-A09A1187

The lens is a single meniscus magnifier lens with no coating, hence a lots of

aberration, halation was unavoidable —– in fact that was what I wanted

and the very purpose to make this lens.

Gaudy lens-A-03-A09A1190

Same as a bright light, the strong bright color causes strong halation too.

— even worse, the fuzzy image needed to have a bit more contrast =

increased highlight = brighter color spread more. It’s an orgie of the color.

Gaudy lens-A-04-A09A1199

Gaudy lens-A-05-A09A1192

Gaudy lens-A-06-A09A1198

gaudy lens-A-08-A09A1205

Gaudy lens-A-09-A09A1207

Gaudy lens-A-11-A09A1191

gaudy lens-A-10-A09A1202

Gaudy lens-A-12-A09A1211

gaudy lens-A-13-A09A1203

gaudy lens-A-14-A09A1218

gaudy lens-A-15-A09A1219

Thank you very much to see all through the photos.  In the next post, I’ll put

a bit more moderate version of the same flowers.

(With a trick of a piece of small paper.)  🙂


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