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Reconstruct the Lens

A while ago, I made a so-called Gaudy Lens using old Olympus Film camera’s

lens barrel.   The Lens I’ve taken out from the camera was, usable optics — still

it was disassembled state.    In honest feering, I’m not keen to the lens itself —

38~80mm F5.6 “super” zoom is not impressive at all though, I just wanted to

reconstruct the lens for a kind of a game.  🙂  —– Putting back the gears etc to

reconstruct the focus control etc — though, since the lens was no longer in the

main barrel, there was no structure to hold the optics in the position = I needed

to improvise some structure to fix the lens position.

Gaudy Lens-4-001

Olympus Con' lens-337-001

As seen on the photo above left, optics was tested while stucked by a plastic patte.

And an aluminium plate was made to fix to the rear element and the plate was

screwed to the front unit, then the exact distance was adjusted. (photo above right)

—– by the lens design, the zooming was made by the position of the rear element

— but now, the lens was mounted on the DSLR body, and no zooming mechanism,

the lens works as a 60mm F5.6  only.  —– The game done.  🙂

(You must be amazed how the camera lens can be handled in such a casual manner.

= Yes, they were made by just another human. = It’s not a rocket science.   😀 )


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