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There was the Dorkbot’s 88th gathering.  

As its nature of their activity, it’s not quite a science or technology — rather

murky to comprehend, let alone to explain.  


—– So, please read those and try to make sense by yourself.

With speakers including – but not restricted to…

Dorkbot88-03-A09A1367Sarah Angliss
A preview of new work with breath sensors that Sarah’s been developing
at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol. Funded by Arts Council
England, it’ll be part of a drop-in participative performance at Vivid
Projects, Birmingham during this year’s Supersonic Festival.

A composer, multi-instrumentalist, roboticist and sound historian,
Sarah’s work explores her obsessions with defunct machinery, faded
variety acts and European folklore.

Dorkbot88-04-A09A1380David Mills
#xraymylunch, #xraystuffinmylab, and using high contrast X-ray
microtomography (XMT) with advanced image processing algorithms to
read fragile historic documents.

Dorkbot88-05-A09A1419Kasia Molga & Adrian Goodwin
World Wilder Lab is a collective set up by Kasia Molga, Erik Overmeire
and Ivan Henriques. Together with Adrian Godwin we developed a device
called PlanEt which allows us to hack into whispers of plants. Now we
are trying to figure out what plants are saying…


Dorkbot88-07-A09A1432William Trossell
ScanLAB is an ongoing series of projects investigating the use of 3D
laser scanning in architecture, art and film, with subjects ranging
from Arctic ice floes to Mount Pleasant subterranean Mail Rail


Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith
The weirdest things that people do with – and ask about – Bare
Conductive’s electrically conductive paint, plus the paint’s more
“unusual properties”.


To participate, I took my part with my murky photography.

(With the 100 year old German Anastigmat lens and a homemade

so-called “Gaudy Lens“.)  

It’s a blatant manifestation of the Anti Establishment stance and the

Counter Culture statement = in other words, the Anarchist’s message !   😀


In fact quite few participants are overlapping with anarchist’s group such as 

Space Hijacker and a guy above photo is running the Hack Space as well.

So, if you have any strange idea to speak, contact Dorkbot London.


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