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Remote Cable — Life in Natural Flow

Remote Cable-1-A09A1733-001 My way of navigating the life is, just follow the flow.  Don’t push.

—– some of the people who knows me might feel not necessary true,

as I put enormous effort to do something some time. = though, it was

not a push for me = it was just a normal condition in its situation.  

Like, to be born in India, these days they got 45, 50 degree C hot weather

= just to survive needs to have enormous endurance, though,

that what their country is.  

This year’s Ramadan in muslim calendar is coinciding with a midsummer

= therefore, the muslim emigrated to the northern Norway couldn’t eat as

there is no sunset. (in reality, they said to have invented an excuse.  🙂 )    

Thanks goodness, I’m neither a Norwegian nor muslim I don’t need to

have a problem.   Avoiding to have problem is, “don’t do it”.

So, as a holy man, I don’t do gamble, take no drug (in fact any medicine),

no alcohol, no smoking, no woman = Where the cause of a trouble could ever

come !   It’s a well known wisdom, “Do nothing cause no mistake or failure”

= “Barren land makes no weed” — but neither has a wheat or barley even

buckwheat. —– Do nothing mean, just wasting time ?  Neither.  

Strangely, do something is coming in its course.  It just happens as a flow.

Such as being asked to help or advising something.  Otherwise, just do it.


—– Give a thought or two.  So far, what I made after I’ve started this Blog,

were the result of a fleak idea triggered by the funny material I encountered.

(Before those, the old creation were often made to solve the practical needs

such as the flash system.)      So that, the work for “Junk Lens etc” were all

happened with a sheer coincidence. = I mean, I didn’t push it happens

neither I didn’t look for the material etc = it was already there, and I only did

a small finishing part of it for a joke or fun. Remote Cable-2-6-001So, when I went to a camera shop to get a new air blower, I found a

Canon’s Remote Trigger Cable, or its converting cable, in their

odds and ends box. = It might be a connecting cable to use old type

cable to 5D etc.  — anyhow, it might be an obsolete type, and the

price was only few pounds. (Photo above left = here the cable showes

“after the switch was fitted”).    

If it was a cable to go to 5D, why not make it for a short trigger cable ?

= It’s a matter of just put a double switch. —– And conveniently, I have

a disassembled Olympus compact camera. = I could use their switch and

the button for this purpose. (Photo above middle)    

—– Since those small accessories are the company’s  cash-cow, (you 

could buy a cheap kit lens with a price of 2~3 cables) Canon changed it 

many times to the users to buy new cable every time they got new model.

(Photo right = Remote terminal for old (film) EOS)

Anyway, I took the Olympus’ switch and the button and connected it to the

Canon’s cable = Voila’ Remote Trigger Cable for Canon DSLR. (Photo Left)

—– As I said, I didn’t look for what to do.  It was there.  

This was what I call, a natural flow.

(This natural flow is the way how the Karma leading us = and as I follow,

there is no problem or ill health.)




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