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St Martins Degree Show

St'Martin Deg'show-02-A09A1748

The art school, Central St Martin has been drifting place to place, like a 

hermit crab changing their shell larger to even larger.  Among the declining

English industrial, economical trend, they must be one of the few rags to rich

success story.  The first time when I visited their degree show more than 30

years ago, they were in a non assuming shabby building in the Covent Garden. 

(after the St Martin moved out, the place became to an art material shop =

London Graphic Center.  I wonder if they are having business connection ?) 

Then St Martin moved to a huge grey building in the Charing Cross Road.  

Then, next to the Back hill.  Now they are north of  King’s Cross Station,  

over the Regent Canal, place called Granary Square, a building called Granary 

Building.  As the name suggests, it must be an old day’s Granary, storing the

grain brought by the barges through the canal.

St'Martin Deg'show-01-A09A1737

St'Martin Deg'show-03-A09A1738

The inside of otherwise featureless big building, its courtyard has been

transformed to a huge shopping mall like space. ( gone too far !) 

It was an archetypal sample of the Capitarism.  Invest for a package, and use

it to create (or collect £9000 tuition fee) = profit to buy even larger property.

This is called the growth of enterprise !

St'Martin Deg'show-04-A09A1751

St'Martin Deg'show-05-A09A1830

St'Martin Deg'show-06-A09A1812

This was a gimmick like exhibit to show a physical phenomenon.

Like an old fluorescent light, a cathode discharge lamp (used in a video light

or video projector) is flickering in very high frequency, — to see, it need to 

have a high speed moving screen.  —> Then, we can see the split colors.

Demonstration of phenomenon itself, like a fallen apple by the gravity wouldn’t

make an art.  The art has to show its apple fall in a very special beautiful way.

Likewise, the instrument makes sound is just a physical phenomenon.

When its sound was formed as an impressive melodies and composed in

harmony etc, we call it a musical art.  In Photography, the object makes its 

secondary image by the light through an optics, is a physical phenomenon.

= so that, unless the image showed the intentionally made interference of 

the author, it is not an art but mere reflection of the object.

ST'Martin Deg'show-07-8-001

ST'Martin Deg'show-08-3-001

ST'Martin Deg'show-09-4-001

While seeing every years work, what I found was that when the place get

larger, the works get smaller and boring.   Have look other’s, such as this;


St'Martin Deg'show-10-A09A1795

ST'Martin Deg'show-11-6-001

ST'Martin Deg'show-12-5-001

St'Martin Deg'show-13-A09A1793

Once in a year event was in the same time, reunion with old friends or teacher.

And young graduates’ chance to meet the old boys, girls network.
ST'Martin Deg'show-14-1-001

St'Martin Deg'show-15-A09A1769

(By the way, in this photo, the Left is the Top)

ST'Martin Deg'show-16-001

ST'Martin Deg'show-17-001

I think, a sweet on the hand must be a joke of a visitor.  🙂

St'Martin Deg'show-18-A09A1797

St'Martin Deg'show-19-A09A1765

This said to be an interactive performing space. (when something performed)

St'Martin Deg'show-20-A09A1817

This was the Animation Corner. (Some were already in the professional level) 

St'Martin Deg'show-21-A09A1803

St Martins Degreeshow-A09A1762The most funny story happened was,

on the last moment, I was told by this

woman that the photography was not

permitted, of which even the 

security didn’t mention so.  😀   😀

Hate crime or jealousy against a Japanese camera ?   🙂

St'Martin Deg'show-22-A09A1836

There are chilling out spaces for chattering (or for serious discussion ? )

(but, £5 for a glass of apple juice was definitely a rip-off !)  

St'Martin Deg'show-23-A09A1840

St'Martin Deg'show-24-A09A1827

Out, out, — OUT !

St'Martin Deg'show-25-A09A1847

It was a nice evening and a beautiful sky — at least.



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  1. elenacaravela said, on June 27, 2015 at 12:32

    Sounds like a nice evening. Thanks for the tour!

    • yoshizen said, on June 27, 2015 at 12:56

      Definitely the amazing space though, the contents does not match it.

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