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Cosmos and Hydrangea @ Greenwich Park

Cosmos G'nich-08-A09A2087

While checking the photos I’ve taken this time at Greenwich Park,  I went

back to the post I did last year and found that it was one week earlier, yet still

I did shoot almost identical photo then.  = not only the tree, some of the plant was

perennial and stayed the same patch, keep flowering with the same face.  And the

approach to the same plant is the same = amazingly persistent as the same person.

(It’s mean not much fresh innovation or improvement.)  🙂

Cosmos G'nich-09-A09A2092

Cosmos G'nich-10-A09A2093

Two element homemade lens was the same though, this year I brought

“New” Gordy Lens. (Looks somewhat the same fuzziness, but Gordy Lens

can give close focus. = further background became out of focus ! )

Cosmos G'nich-11-A09A2122

Hydrangea G'nich- 01-A09A2081

Hydrangea was one week too early and having dry hot weather they looked

a bit withered. = I may come again and change the photos here.

Hydrangea G'nich-02-A09A2086

Hydrangea G'nich-03-A09A2068

Hydrangea G'nich-04-A09A2058

Hydrangea G'nich-05-A09A2069

Those heavily fuzzier photos were taken by the Double Density Pinhole.

Hydrangea G'nich-06-A09A2083

Hydrangea G'nich-07-A09A2062

But those closer images were taken by the Gaudy Lens.

(One more post of Greenwich Flowers would follow.)  🙂



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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on July 12, 2015 at 00:51

    Such lovely images. Fascinating the almost identical photos!

    • yoshizen said, on July 12, 2015 at 01:08

      In fact, the same flower looks the same and the stance of photographing them was limited = so, the identical photo came out. 🙂

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