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Tanbo Art (Rice field Art) in Japan


————————————————— (Photo from Jiji news)

I’ve been seeing those news every year on this season.  This is a Tanbo-art,

exclusively in Japanese rice-field. (of course, not everywhere of their field)  

—– it was a picture drawn by the different colored rice crop.  And in here,

a famous medieval samurai Keiji Maeda (famous in his eccentric behaviour, 

called Kabuki-mono = origin of the name Kabuki) was depicted in Yonezawa. 

(You may better Google “rice field  art  japan” or watch this youtube.)

Amazing isn’t it ? !!!

( It is completely different from an on-the-spot, one hour prank = Crop-circle. — To do

this, four or five different colored rice crop has been kept many years and the seeds

were sown to exact position — and wait and see it’s grow ! = Typical Japanese Mind )



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  1. duckworth lewis said, on July 14, 2015 at 10:29

    while this is cool, some crop circles are quite intricate to be a mere 1 hour joke 🙂

  2. […] the post, Tanbo-art, someone asked me why some of the […]

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