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Chinese Fake Egg !

Well, this is about the Fake Egg, made and

sold in China.



配信日時:2007814() 1621

  • 画像ID 80430





A さんは説明を交えながら、カメラの前で実際に作ってくれた。Aさんの話によると、このニセ卵は

10年前から中国東北地方で製造を始め、34年前から杭 州・香港などでも販売されるように


絶たない。卵は安価で、なぜ コストをかけてまでニセ卵を作るのか、中国の人々も理解できないという。


卵の10分の1で、卸販売価格は本物の2分の 1。業者にとってはコストパフォーマンスがよい。



食物繊維の一つであるアルギン酸ナトリウムが主 原料である。卵の殻は炭酸カルシウム製としている。


症状 を招く可能性もあると注意を呼びかけている。(翻訳・編集/YO


The original article = http://www.recordchina.co.jp/a10497.html

The fake Eggs has been known to be sold in china many years.  And I’ve

been wondering how it was made ? = at last, I found the report how it was made.

It seems this report was made by a Chinese reporter who met a man who

demonstrated to make Fake Eggs.—– According to the article, the Egg was made by

Aga aga jerry from the seaweed, with other ingredients, and the shell was made by lime.  

The most amazing things were, they were so well made and the people has been buying

them without noticing the fake —– until they were cooked. (taste was not the Egg)

To find the way to make it and perfected the product —– isn’t this genius ?

It seems, this ingenuity was parallel to the way how Chinese invented the Acupuncture. 



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  1. Ai Weiwei Exhibition | Yoshizen's Blog said, on December 11, 2015 at 11:29

    […] such as fake eggs, fake protein (melamine) […]

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