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Bizarre Lens – Pentax AF Zoom 35~70 F2.8

Pentax Zoom-02-A09A2414

Well, the Lens = Pentax AF Zoom 35~70mm F2.8 itself was nothing strange

or I should rather say, Optically superb Lens. — But, the fate of this lens

was rather bizarre.  Originally the Lens was made as a Triangulation AF lens, 

so that the AF motor unit and the battery box were attached to the lens barrel.

It was the early 80s —– and soon, such AF system became obsolete.  

Still, Pentax designed this lens with their full force = Now looks rather modest

35~70 F2.8 Zoom then was an expensive fancy lens carrying £800 (?) price.

And the Zeiss vario-sonnar 35~70 F2.8 for Contax was much more than £1000.

On the market, the Minolta’s new AF camera has appeared then = When I saw

this lens in throwaway price £80 (I think) in the shop  (The quality of this lens

has been well reported.) I bought it and (you may not believe) modified !

( the AF unit was removed and the hole was covered by an aluminium panel) 

After I changed my 35mm camera from Nikon to Contax, the lens I bought  

first hand were 25mm, 85mm and I could use Tamron 90mm Macro and

500mm Mirror as well.  So, I modified this Pentax K mount to Contax mount.  

The Frangeback of Pentax K and Contax are both 55.5 mm but the Pentax

Bayonet is larger, therefore it wouldn’t go into the Contax camera. 

Pentax Zoom-03- 35-071

So, I removed the Pentax bayonet and welded Contax bayonet on it. (Photo right)

(Because of the position of a lever, the lens was mounted 90 degree off center.)


This was a test shot of Pentax AF Zoom at 70mm, F2.8 — 1.2 m

1A-Pentax Zoom-35-071And this was a comparison, Canon FE Zoom 24~70 at 70mm, on F2.8 — 1.2 m


And the Pentax AF Zoom at 35mm, on F2.8 — 100m


The Canon EF Zoom 24~70, at 35mm, on F2.8 — 100m

08-Pentax Zoom-35-078

09-Pentax Zoom-A09A2341

As a lens for general use, this lens is pretty usable even on Canon 5D Mk-III. 

(and this is rather familiar tree.   🙂  )

10-Pentax Zoom-A09A2357

And familiar landmark in the park.

11-Pentax Zoom-A09A2350

All those photos were taken at F2.8 (because no auto controle).

—– still, very much usable.  🙂


And this must be a

familiar kind of photo

to the regular readers.

In my view, this is  

a kind of old german 

charactered lens.

(comparable to Zeiss

Planer Lens)

Pentax AF Zoom 35~70 F2.8

at 70mm / F2.8 / 1.2 m



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