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MS Windows -10 ~~~ What a trouble !

MS-Window 10-347-001Since after Window 10 was released, the notice “available for download” was

keep pesting the screen.  In the net-sphere there wasn’t much report of the trouble.  

— So, I clicked to start download – – – ? ? ?    and again, the process always stopped

in a few minutes. and again. — (My action must be halted on this stage.)  😦    When

I tried again while all the programs were shut down = even an Email was signed-out.

Then, upgrading to Windows 10 started — and took hours to “Configure” “Restart”

and so on again and again.      On the end it was downloaded and start working

though, I realized it’s not on my taste — such as the apps appeared on the start page,  

Store etc may be convenient to some people doing a lots of net shopping  (I don’t

know whether MS is selling those space) but not for me.  And the way to gather the

photos to one place was utterly inconvenient.  I checked the compatibility, such as all

the program or files I’ve been using under Window 7 were still functioning — or not ?


Then, I saw a notice to upgrade Openoffice from 3 to 4 something = and I did —–

though, something was not quite right and too messy. = Openoffice opened under

MS Word ! (Of course, MS is not happy with free Openoffice, instead to buy theirs)

– – – – – On the end I decided to revert back to the Windows 7 again.

– – – – – though, the Openoffice lost function = So, I try to uninstall  and reinstall it

through Chrome.  On this process a malware “Chromium” started to block the 

process and the other malware “Cassiopessa” started to mess-up saying “windows 7 

needs to be repaired = download this” (must be a spyware) = = = So, the battle to 

remove those malwares started !  😦    Chromium was easily removed on the Control 

panel (uninstall program) but, Cassiopessa registered nowhere as a program = So, 

I needed to remove it from the default settings of EVERY browser’s start menu.

— which took to me till morning !


On the end, I’m on the same Windows 7 but without the Openoffice. (I couldn’t 

remove old file as they were corrupted = Computer says “couldn’t find the file” = 

therefore I couldn’t install new files). SO, my conclusion was, if anybody has been

using the Windows 7 or 8 happily, never attempt to upgrade to the Windows 10.  

To buy new PC or laptop with Windows 10 should be OK but not upgrade on a

computer of which many different origins of programs, apps has been installed.

(some of them may not completely be compatible)

MS-Window 10-A09A2430And this was the legacy of this Win-10 trouble. = during unload, reload process,

together with malware, the virus got into my laptop — to my WP blog account !

(But this is the only Visible part —– Who knows what is going on behind. =

Security program found nothing — still like this popping-up ! )

You see, how risky those action is.


PS : On the end, I was forced to use MS Office / Word  (yet I didn’t became payed user)

= at least, MS succeeded to kill-off the OpenOffice.

(I tried to reinstall OpenOffice again without removing old file = I succeeded !)

MS-1-A09A2610Though, soon after I’ve installed OpenOffice, this notice Appeared (MS is spying

our every move! ) —– I’m very suspicious this could be a malware made by MS to 

slow down or even block and make us abandon the OpenOffice.

(Otherwise, what was the purpose to do like this ?) 

— By the way, the red cast on the photo above was the tendency of my Canon 5D Mk-III.

Canon Mk-3-Red cast-2015-001(When the subject was bright white, often such red cast appear, which Canon

couldn’t fix.   😦   )



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  1. bentehaarstad said, on August 25, 2015 at 20:14

    Thanks for the good advise Yoshizen. I have seen this message too, without doing anything, yet, such upgrades always gives a lot of fuss. So I’ll be happy with my Windows ( (organized to look like 7) for the time beeing. Good luck with yours!

    • yoshizen said, on August 25, 2015 at 23:35

      Thank you Bente. I’ll update the post, what virus I got from those malware. 😦

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