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Tokyo Dream Party


Somewhat coinciding with a Japan Matsuri, there was a Japan themed

extravaganza in a member’s club somewhere in the Mayfair, London.


It was organized by my friends, stage designers and a good coincidence,

it was a day, happen to be my birthday.


So, it was a great occasion to have a fun for the day — even if it was

not organized for me still, as those people are my longstanding friends,  

they sang “Happy birthday to you~” altogether = What an evening !

(but no birthday cake —– I wouldn’t ask too much.  Ha ha ha ) 


All those performers, musicians are the Japanese and sang Japanese song.  

05-Tokyo Dream2-001

Organizers are the party people = wearing Sushi jacket (mind you, none of

genuine Japanese Sushi restaurant people wearing Sushi Kimono. = such

crazy things happens only in this country.  lol ) 


07-Tokyo Dream5-001

And number of so-called Cos-ple (Anime costume player) girls.

They supposed to be Kawaii (cute) — are they ? — (I’m not sure.)

08-Tokyo Dream3-001


They said to be the Ninja. = it’s mean Kunoichi. (female Ninja)

Though, I wasn’t convinced.  They must be the comedian.

(BTW, the name Kunoichi came from the each element of

the letter 女(woman) く=ku,ノ=no,ー=ichi.They (said to have) 

used a Honey Trap as well, as a weapon. — How exciting ! )

10-Tokyo Dream-001

MMM ? Who ?  80s Japanese group, Frank Chickens ?

11-Tokyo Dream1-001

And, another (are they ?)— anyhow I don’t know the song. ( I’m 浦島太郎ね)

12-Tokyo Dream4-001

They are the very sexy performers. = supposed to be the Taiko drummer.

Drumming well, though I’m not sure of the jumping flesh.

21-Tokyo Dream11-001

Then, here comes so-called Yuru-chara — kind of stuffed toy / Mascot.

13-Tokyo Dream7-001

Organizer brought an automatic bending machine — this one sells

many sorts of pants / knickers. (for women — but not necessary.)  

It could be a great opportunity for a solemn faced gentleman to explore 

the taste without facing a shop assistant or giveaway a personal data to

a net shopping. —– still, are you sure no hidden camera watching ?

14-Tokyo Dream8-001

And Puri-cla  (Print club) = Photo machine with a lots of fun collage.

= a fun for the Japanese teens and a fun for the English grown-ups.


So, it was a good fun and the pleasure to be in an extravaganza,

which made a day for my celebration. = (Sure — now I feel older !  Ha ha ha)

(And this is my 800th post.)


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    […] an end of the year party.  Especially they organized “Tokyo Dream” […]

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