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1-A09A2867-001Time to time, I fond the very rare access to this blog, such as from

the Palestinian Territories or Bhutan.    And learned, such as

Faroe Island who supposed be a part of Denmark was treated

as an independent country and has their own flag.

Of course, these days, even middle of desert such as in Mongolia,

the locals has electric generator and watching satellite TVs so,

nothing strange to have a computer connected to the Net

—– and stumbled my blog  🙂   (Where ever on this planet, be ever

so remote, still someone stumbled and read this blog is nothing but

a manifestation of the Karmic power.)


Mankind is an incredibly resourceful animals.  Longtime ago,

I heard from Afghan, in order to connect satellite mobile phone,

they improvised to use chicken-net to make a satellite dish.

And I heard that in Cuba, where under the trade sanction,

everything has to be homemade or improvised = engine-oil

was made by a washing-up liquid mixed with sugar !


Nothing like their creativity, still, I had to improvised a bit to take

a photo above. = Long list of the countries.

On the beginning, I tried to collage scrolled 2 images though, it 

wasn’t looks good. — So, I setup the screen upright and showed

whole list in one screen and took the very photo.

(the reason why I’m writing such trivial story was, “It’s so funny

— and difficult — to use a screen upright”)

= It’s better you try it by yourself. —> Go to Control Panel —>

Adjust Screen Resolution. (in there, you’ll see “Screen set-up

= Landscape : Portrait”  Then click Portrait. = So, the image flicks.

But, when you try to use mouse or touch pad, you’ll see the hell.

(It may not happen, if the device was touch-screen type).

After having had a fun, Go to the Control panel and click back.

= everything back to the normal !  (You feel sigh !)  😀

(I couldn’t imagine that the Microsoft still having such incredible

shoddiness in their program === It was a DISCOVERY !)


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