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Since last time when I’ve talked about how I was annoyed by the Chinese Tofu,

I didn’t have any Tofu cooking —– it has been completely disappeared from

my mind. (Same as like when I stopped to touch woman or smoking, or even

just stopped to go particular club or shop.)   A funny thing was, that Tofu has

been in my fridge, thus, seeing it everyday all through those period.   Though,

I didn’t even think about to chuck it away.  It was not exists in the world.   🙂


So, I don’t know why I got an idea to buy it again and make a particular

cooking. (That cooking will appear in this blog soon.)  

And for that, I did a special shopping at a Japanese food shop.  (Then

I noticed that the Japanese Tofu (though, they were made in USA) having

pretty long shelf life = enlarge the photo above to see each “sell by date” )

(Those Tofu I bought, were either made by Morinaga or House = both are

pretty big company thus, least likely do any cheating while taking a risk.)

—– And, I show you “That Tofu” after 7 months. (Photo above Right) =

looks quite edible if not poisonous.   Japanese Tofu sold in a Japanese

food shop is twice more expensive, therefore I never bought them before

—– but there is no alternative left to me. 

( And I’m not such keen to make a Tofu from the Soybean.  😀 )

And I didn’t know that the Japanese Tofu is having up-to 6 (six) different

grade of firmness ! = how civilized, how sophisticated !

= almost obsessive Japanese over quality !    😀

* * * * * * *

Incidentally, a feedback for eating “Japanese Tofu” first time was, — I’m

not necessary like Boxed Morinaga one. Their texture is artificially smooth =

almost plastically. —– I rather like to have more natural-food like uneven

texture = like the one, made by the House Food.



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