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Not heal by Buddhism ? ! 仏道からの癒し---それともコーヒー?


だそうですが,彼は何故か仏道に癒しが感じられない ---むしろ一杯のコーヒーや家族に





(無私無心)訓練をする。=無私無心でちゃんと生活が成り立つ =では誰が生きているのか?

= それが法 / ダルマであるのです。

己れにしがみつきながら,どこか彼方から 癒しが得られるのでは,と期待するのは


* * * *

In one of the Buddhist’s site “Higan-dera” in Japan, a monk called Kenyu Kusaka

wrote a short essay saying that he noticed that he is not feeling the heal from

Buddhism, but from coffee !  He was a Pure-land sect monk, so that expecting him

to have the understanding of what Buddhism IS, might be too much to ask.


The core of the teachings of

Lord Buddha was, First, there IS no such thing like SELF (Atman) exists. 

And to learn this truth, the followers practiced long repeated practice

until they could do it automatically (= without thinking) and without emotion

(= no-emotion / not having a feeling of SELF = hence realize No Existent of the Self )   

Without knowing this teachings, the monk may still thinking that there IS the

subject called Buddhism and a person who is learning it.

No such things there or anywhere = if only a person doing the practice and the life

without having the SELF, what prevailed there IS the Dharma.

(= if the person IS NOT there, who is living there = That IS very Dharma)


But a monk like Kusaka, clinging his SELF and attached to his family AND a cup of

COFFEE, Buddhism is too remote, yet wanting to feel a healing ?  What he is asking ?

There is a big irony, —– as long as the person asking, never given, as long as

the person looking for, never find. = The EGO of want push the goal away.




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