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Morning Sun

Morning Sun-1-DSC_6296

Toward the winter solstice, the Sun is going down south.  It’s mean, it’s

getting lower and lower in the sky.  So, we can see the sun coming through

side of the tree.   And now, the tree got their golden leaves. 

Unlike Wabi-sabi of typical Japanese, I got bad habit to push even farther. 

So, the Curry got to be very hot etc.   And to see twice as much Gold leaves,

the instant twice-rich-magic was to give a double exposure.   😀

Morning Sun-2-DSC_6301

Morning Sun-3-DSC_6294

While giving double exposure, even the focus has been changed to make

painting like images. —– When crispy sharp picture can be made even

by Phone-camera, I rather like to push opposite direction.

Morning Sun-AA1-DSC_6325

And for this picture — focus was made for background leaves and

to the foreground flower.  (—– I like this water-color effect too.)

— Have a peaceful nice week, everybody.   🙂


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