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Kyocera Junk Macro — in Practice

1-Kyocera-Macro7-0011-A09A3442I’m well aware, making lens etc is one thing and actually use it is the other. 

Still, whether any worthwhile photo was created by it or not, is totally

different matter. —– I know, in this world, some of the people is having

a pleasure of possessing something rather than use it = just for a show-off 

(of his, her wealth or So-called Good taste) —– and the manufacturer is

well aware of this phenomenon too. So that they are producing specifically

designed outrageously expensive model for this target, with “Art” or “Opus”

kind of the name.   A camera, recently introduced from Leiz, Leica SL is one of 

the extreme case, = the camera which can takes more or less the same kind of

picture but priced whopping  $7450 for body.   Even if non of the photographer  

would buy it, still 10 of the “Leica Collector” in the world ought to buy = because,  

it was made by Leiz and listed in their catalog.  (Collection has to be complete.)

Yashica Macro-1-A09A3208A Camera lens, I made out of junk

Kyocera-Yashica compact Zoom

Camera has been with me a

while  = waiting to encounter

good subject. ————————

Yashica Macro-2-001Then, I found a tiny tiny dot on a Fig = it was an egg of the Green Lacewing.

Not very fashionable subject still, it is good for a macro-photography.

So, that’s how the top photo was made. ( x4 Magnification. though, quality

of the lens in comparison to my previous work, was not very impressive

—– shows chromatic aberration etc, hence,  not very sharp.)

—– still, it was a proof that the lens was in operation. 

(= I’m not feeling happy for just possessing the lens.)   🙂


Kyocera Macro-355-001    PS :  In order to have a bit more sharpness and the evenness of the image,

I put a hole of Black tape to reduce the effective F-Aperture to half of the

diameter (equivalent of 2 F-stops down) = the image quality was dramatically

improved ! — You might be realized that how the optics behave in simple

manner and lost a faith to worship expensive lens.   😀

(In fact, we are paying for the Brand image, not necessary for the quality, 

otherwise who pay  £3000 to a plastic camera ?)


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  1. elenacaravela said, on November 13, 2015 at 20:05

    Fantastic macros!

    • yoshizen said, on November 13, 2015 at 20:23

      Thank you Elena.
      I was so grateful to find that Green Lacewing body on the corner of my kitchen.
      — then taking picture was the different matter = I had to stop my breath,
      otherwise she would have been just blown away. 😀

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