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Fate and the Mentality

Few days ago in Japan, one of the busy commuter train breakdown due to

the safety mechanism in their over-head power cable.  Stranded passengers

in the trains were lead to a nearby station, 20 minutes walk on the rail track.

(Japanese train takes the electric power from the over-head cable, not from

the side track, so that, without a danger of electrocution, it is safe to walk

on the track.)  = All 5000 passengers were just walked in orderly manner and

no trouble was ever occurred. 

When this news was reported on the Chinese News Paper, the Net users in

China responded with their astonishment saying such as “If this was happened

in China, within 5 minutes passengers started riot, smashing the windows etc”

“How 5000 Japanese could keep calm and quietly walk for 20 minutes long

without showing any anger or frustration !”

—– And the Japanese Net users responded to those Chinese thread saying 

“It’s no point to make a riot and break the train because it would only cause

even more delay”  “When all the people having the same fate, making trouble

wouldn’t get any situation better”  “Anyhow, the company or school where

people will be late wouldn’t accuse them because it was like an act of God =

It was the fate anybody has to accept”.


They are the two contrasting mentalities = in my view, each mentality

originated from the Chinese Taoism and the Japanese Buddhism.

I quite doubt, in China how many people ever read the Book of Taoism =

Tao Te Ching, still, most of them seemed to visit the temple to read their

fortune = by throwing two wooden sticks six times to find Yin and Yan’s

combination (It is in fact the Ai-Ching).  The funny things were, they keep

doing it again and again until they receive good prediction. (=they would

not accept bad prediction !)    In other words, Chinese doesn’t follow even 

the will of God (or Heaven) or vend it by their Ego).  (China has Confucius 

and Buddhism as well though in mentality, they all got the same.)

—– in contrast, Japanese Buddhist is far more cool, or even cold,(may 

be even Cynical) for not to have a passion for riot.  🙂  = since they know

the situation, what sort of the process would be needed to repair the

breakdown system etc well.  They are far more rational to know

what they can do —– in fact, the situation IS telling them,

Just Walk. = So, they did.

This is the Mentality to accept and follow Dharma and the Karma (or Fate)

and the Wisdom or the Belief, that the end result would be better with this.


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