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F&M Xmas Window 2015 (A)

F&M 2015-01-A09A4118

Yes it’s the season to see one of my favorite subject = Xmas

show-windows.   And they are the Xmas window of the

Fortnum & Masons. (It’s an annual customs. Sir.)   🙂

(And for me, to shoot them, it’s the annual custom too.)

F&M 2015-02-A09A4101

And on this post, they are rather ordinary kind of the photos.

(In my standard)   😀

F&M 2015-03-A09A4105

I mean ordinary = By widely available Lens in normal shot.

= no artificial lighting or stage up = Just clicked straight photos.

F&M 2015-04-A09A4107

F&M 2015-05-A09A4111

If you think it’s looks a bit strange — don’t blame me. 

Blame F&M for their crazy decoration.  And if you click, 

a fish-eye lens, it naturally produces this kind of image

= It’s normal nothing special.

F&M 2015-06-A09A4109

F&M 2015-07-A09A4112

F&M 2015-08-A09A4116

F&M 2015-09-A09A4102

F&M 2015-10-A09A4129

F&M 2015-11-A09A4125

F&M 2015-12-A09A4119

F&M 2015-13-A09A4120

F&M 2015-14-A09A4122

I think I took the pictures of the same man on the door so

many times = every year he is in the same place.

(And he might be thinking too, Gosh, that photographer again.)  😀



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