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Cult Party

01-Cult Party 20151-001

My friend’s Immersible Cult got 2 years anniversary and had

an end of the year party.  Especially they organized “Tokyo Dream”

party this year which was even featured in the Evening Standard

ES magazine, the party got quite few Japanese guests as well.

02-Cult Party-A09A4240

03-Cult Party-A09A4236

04-Cult Party-A09A4237

05-Cult Party 20153-001

06-Cult Party 20154-001

Free meals and drinks — though, they were completely vegetarian 

= boiled alive potatoes, skinned alive carrot etc etc.

= not much mercy for them.   🙂

07-Cult Party-A09A4224

In fact the guests are the staffs or the freelance artists who has been

involved into those projects etc = worked together, familiar faces.

08-Cult Party 2015-001

09-Cult Party 20152-001

Still, I do necessary know every faces neither who was doing what.

(In this time, those fuzzy photos were taken by a homemade

So-called Gaudy Lens — though some of them were out of focus)

10-Cult Party 20158-001

11-Cult Party 20155-001

12-Cult Party 20154-002

13-Cult Party 20156-001

14-Cult Party 20157-001

15-Cult Party-A09A4285

16-Cult Party-A09A4287

17-Cult Party-A09A4291

Then the attraction started = Japanese singing/performing group

Frank Chickens. (Started here as the female Ninja !)

18-Cult Party-A09A4295

19-Cult Party 201512-001

But, I’m not sure what are they doing.  🙂

20-Cult Party-A09A4319

21-Cult Party 20159-001

The singers group Frank Chickens started 70s —–

and now having some new and young members.

(and even Irish and Polish men as well)

22-Cult Party-A09A4321

23-Cult Party-A09A4323

24-Cult Party 201510-001

25-Cult Party 201511-001

26-Cult Party 201514-001

They sound something Rockefeller Building — ?

Don’t ask me what.  🙂

27-Cult Party 201515-001

Then the party went into a dancing conclusion.

28-Cult Paerty-A09A4351

29-Cult Party-A09A4352

And so on, so on ~ ~ ~ till early morning.



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