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OMG – Magnolia flowers ?!

1-Early Magnolia_DSC2555

London has been having no real winter = no ice, no frost not mention

a snow.    And having the flowering Magnolia.  

OMG, this is utterly crazy.

2-E'Magnolia 2016-001

Of course, there could be “Special garden variety” of  Winter Magnolia

of which I’m utterly ignorant though, this one may not be the case.

Still, this tree had pretty early flowers last year as well.

3-Early Magnolia_DSC2564

I do like to break the convention — but this case is not funny.

I like to act brainless though, I have no fun making a fun out of

handicapped person.  Especially if it was created by the human error

such as an industrial poisoning.

4-Early Magnolia_DSC2571

I hope this magnolia has normal gene though, = if it was the case,

the climate alone was the cause ? — did it got such wrong ?

It’s just a beginning of January.

( —– in here, top photo was taken by the Zeiss 18mm and the

rest were taken by the homemade lens.)


This photo above was an additional comparison, taken

by the specially modified Canon FD 50mm F1.8 while its

focus was shifted during the exposure. = Since the image

of this lens has little aberration and halation (only having

superimposed out-of-focus bokeh) the contrast was

much higher = more glare) = different kind of fuzziness !



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  1. bentehaarstad said, on January 7, 2016 at 11:16

    Flowers in the wrong time happens, depending on the weather. Probably nothing wrong with the genes.

    • yoshizen said, on January 7, 2016 at 12:51

      Whether the Gene was wrong or just different was a point of view.
      This Magnolia has the leaves before flowers = it is closer to the common
      magnolia, flowering May~June, not to the early spring Kobus group.
      Still, the shape of flowers suggests, its early flowering tendency might
      have derived from Kobus = it is a well composed mixture.

      This tree is not too far from “That” winter Cherry = the gardener contracted
      to take care of this area might have a taste of early flower and intentionally
      planted them.

  2. justin said, on January 11, 2016 at 13:45

    I tried finding contact info for you, could you send me an email? I want to use one of your double density pinhole photos as an album cover! I’m just a young guy with no money, otherwise i would pay you! i would put your name on the back as credit. my email is here:


    • yoshizen said, on January 11, 2016 at 14:30

      In fact my contact was in a bottom of the “about this blog”.
      Anyway, quite a few people seemed to be using my photo without having a permission.
      And my kind of fuzzy image doesn’t need to have original file = just copy from
      the blog page though, to have mentioned on a blog where 200 PV everyday would be
      a different matter(provided if your piece is good enough, 😀 )
      The trouble IS, your mail address found to be 404.

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