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Wish Better or the Best

Somebody commented “Where the urge to make it better comes from ?”

—– as a reply I wrote “Even a monkey chose a good stone to crack a

hard shell = good choice or not, makes the difference = able to eat or not.

In the worst case, it may cause an injury to the fingers.

It’s mean, it is a key to the own survival= survival instinct.” — yet still,even

if it wasn’t such serious but rather playful situation, we try to do the better.

Just through something, stone, trash — we aim, to a target, bin etc.

—– Why ? —– To satisfy the Ego in a challenge ?  “Hey look I succeeded” or

“I’m better than you” — Was it ?     Not necessary in a serious situation, no

other person around, even trivial small things, such as just put few items

together,  we try to put them tidier way or make the shape easier to handle.

(Then, the personality exposed = somebody pay more attention and make

the things / situations better.    Otherwise, others creates even more havoc !)

If it was an instinct to avoid a pain and to chose the way which needs a least

effort, was based on the learning, why some of us never learn ?  = In the net,

there are endless number of silly stories still, they were produced with the

effort to get an impact and the maximum number of view. 

Have a good fun seems yet another instinct.


After the accumulation of the learning, we human being made up the map

of which can tell General List of Goodies.  Then those would be told by the

old man or wise man as the common sense, moral or social rules still, they

were originated from the human instinct.  Therefore,  the eyes of

Lord Buddha, they were seen as the expression of the Dharma.  And as we

have it in our instinct, it was explained that we were born with the Dharma.

And the Zen is the practice to make it better with thousands times practice.

(If not million times) —– and to learn its mind-set.

So, Zen could (possibly) make a better person (in theory)  😀

I wouldn’t guaranty the better person still, the product produced by the

craftsman with such Zen mind, has been so good, such as the Japanese

cooking knife has become a must have item to the top chef of the world.




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  1. jagernotix said, on March 9, 2016 at 16:02


  2. Self — No-Self | Yoshizen's Blog said, on April 22, 2016 at 11:26

    […] Try to do better IS the default of our survival instinct […]

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