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Spring Equinox


It’s nothing new = same old Spring Equinox and its Sunrise.

Still, a sort of significance to us IS, this sunrise IS showing exact east.

And the time should be Exact 6:00 — though, it was 6:34 — ? ? ?

(I’m not sure, this 34 minuets was due to the distance from the

Greenwich ? — or any other reason ?)     Anyhow, it was the ancient

tradition to know the season from the position of the sunrise though,

how many people watching the direction of the sun in these days ?


We can see any of the fruits or vegetables ALL year round.  (Since, they

are coming from the country where got opposite season)   Even worse,

if you live in London, the climate is more or less the same all year round.

So, we lost the touch of the nature.   And the people who is conscious

about such as Summer Solstice and goes down to the Stonehenge was

branded to be a Nettle-picker or simply, nuts.  —– Something wrong. 

—– Can you expect, we are still within the boundary of the Dharma ?

Or the rules of the universe which may not to be visible to us ?

It’s true, we human being is expecting even longer life than years ago

and overcoming the trouble of diseases etc thanks to the Science and

Technology, so, you might be thinking that the everything would be

clear and any trouble would be resolved though — they are the surface.

Still, there is something behind we can’t see or notice and that IS

controlling our life.

—– Well, I’ll tell you in the next post.






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  1. dunxd said, on March 23, 2016 at 12:57

    See http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/equinox-not-equal.html for a lengthy and detailed explanation why day and night aren’t equal lengths on the equinox.

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