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Cherry in Focus-Shift blurr

F'Shift Cherry-2-A09A4996

Don’t panic on your eyesight. It’s not your eyes.

The picture here IS shaky !   😀

F'Shift Cherry-3-Cherries 2016-001

The photo above/top was the photo, made by a “Focus-Shift”

(while the shutter was open, the focus has been moved) =

hence created funny blurred image.

The lens used was a specially modified Canon EFS 18~55mm =

(modified to fit onto 5D and its focusing motor has been made

to work with external signal)

—– the photo below was a normal shot for a comparison

(same lens but without focus shift.)

F'Shift Cherry-4-Cherries 20161-001

This cherry IS the same tree which I nicknamed the

Perpetual Cherry, since it’s flowering even in the Autumn.

And she was photographed here by the same modified

18~55 mm lens though, this focus-shift technique doesn’t

necessary suit for this shot.  😀

(= so, it’s just a demonstration to see the effect)   

Unlike the other soft-focus lens which gives only a fixed

focal-length and it’s viewing angle, this focus-shift

technique with the zoom lens gives more freedom —–

and a fun.




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  2. Winter Cherry (again !) | Yoshizen's Blog said, on December 30, 2016 at 02:30

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