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Self — No-Self

This was quoted from a part of the previous post.

(To talk about the SELF need to recognize the existence of it = need to

have yet another Self to observe its existence ! — if you can aware/

observe yourself, your observer has already alienated  YOU. )

 —– it seems I need to say a bit more :

When you got another “You” = you are no longer innocent happy mam.

Instead you start try to impose “What you’ve conceived your figure”

which is no more than a wish-full imagination OR distorted, depressed


To see the True figure of Yourself is one of the most difficult

task in the life. = First of all, it is hidden deep in your


and often, half of them were what you don’t want see.

So, the most of the people try to make-up something looks good,

(to satisfy your Ego, pride/vanity and want to show-off to others)

—– though, not necessary everybody, everything to be such ugly.  

= Try to do better IS the default of our survival instinct !

(If we fail, the repercussion/drawback would be harsh ! = even a

fraud-star try to invent better story, and sword-master

practiced hard to kill the enemy )

So that, in the Four Noble Truth in the Buddhist Teachings,

“The effort to seek the Enlightenment” is very natural. 

—– When you fail, still to see straight to the “Failed Yourself” =

IS in fact, a kind of the Enlightenment. (according to the Mahayana)

(To see yourself as it IS = IS see it without any impose = No-Ego, No-Self !)

  = Don’t worry, relax !   😀



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