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Human Right and the Equalty

The most absurd misconception of the people today is the

idea of so-called Human Right and the Equality.

Did natural law or any God or Deity ever given such promise ?

—– How about Natural Evolution ? = Survival of fittest = It’s

not fare isn’t it! Not fit to survive still need an equal chance.

(Are you serious ?)

—– Because of no such promise from ANY supernatural power

or anything, anybody, the man had to make-up a declaration

by themselves.  = It was a mare human invention.

It was not a God’s-given “Right” but a Political manifest.

Politician and their organisation can declare that they promise

to give an equal opportunity and the equal treatment of the people

in their administration.  So, under their government,

people may have a Human Right and the Equality.

With this promise as a bait, the political group / democratic

movement got dominance in the most of the civilised world.

But in the history, country by country, regime by regime,

government by government, the treatment of the people has been

very different because no fixed, overriding rules there.

So, there was anything from “Good ruler” to tyrant.

—– In this situation of facts, very simple logic is, if the human

was born to have an Equality, why they were not born equal =

Born to have the same looks, same environment, same

opportunity and having the same Karma.

— Obviously, no such things ever existed in the human history.


If ANY body, the “activist” want to say otherwise, please tell me

“From where or whom given the “Human Right” and

the “Equality” to human being.

Because, it seems almost all the trouble of the society has been

caused or aggravated by this mix-up or misconception of the IDEA.

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying the potential benefit /

possibilities its IDEA possess, but, I can’t agree with an

arrogant attitude as if we were born with it.  —– Those IDEA were

the hard earned reward after long long struggle through the history.)


In contrast, the significance of the Life IS there, who ever deny it or

think in any manner.  = Because it IS exists.

It has been existed even before the man invented the God.

So, we have no way to deny it.   Like a simple fact that is we are standing

on the Earth.    And as an extent to be a life, there is no difference

whether it is an animal or plant.

We are not a Judge to decide as we ourselves are just a miniscule part

of this Phenomenon.    We are not ruling, let alone created this world.

On the same base, we have to accept that somebody IS more equal.

= Since, the Karma affecting each person as an individual.

To be an individual there is no equality.   That’s was how and why the

Dharma created YOU as YOU are.   Accordingly non of us got a right to

complain this. You could be lucky YOU or may be unlucky YOU but

that IS what YOU ARE.


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