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At the Wireless Wednesday gathering in Greenwich, we had

2 laptops to repair.  One was a quite hi-spec Dell which needed

to change a HDD and the other was HP. 

Dell needed to completely disassemble to see the back of mother

board = so many screws had to be removed, and the cables had

to be disconnected etc etc.

—– Then, when two of the cables to Wi-fi module needed to be

re-connected, the guy who has been dealing with this kind of

the work very well, couldn’t manage to insert the connector,

and neither the other guy managed to do too. — strange ? ? ?


The cables to Wi-fi module were not simple power wire kind but

the hi-frequency coaxial cables.   So, the connecting post was not a

simple metal stud but a coaxial connector and the male connector

has to be inserted exactly parallel to the female counter part,

otherwise the needle thin center pin would be broken.

—– While watching them try, I found their finger couldn’t keep

the cable straight, neither the finger pushing it is steady.

= So, it was the time for the Zen Buddhist to join the game.

And the cables were safely connected.   😀


When earthquake struck Kumamoto,  Japan,  quite few hi-tech

company there had to close and it sent a shiver to many other

manufacturers in the world.  Such as Sony has their factory for

image sensor there = if it’s production stopped and the export

delayed, the production of iPhone in China would be stopped.

(Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad had to postporn the

sale of their medium format camera H6D, because the production

of 100 Mp image sensor  in  Sony, Kumamoto  was disrupted —

in fact, 80% 0f digital camera in the world relying on Sony)

When China got their industrial development,  they took over

the top position of manufacturing business — that they thought.

— While ago, China’s Premier Lee Karchan was so annoyed to

find that they needed to import even a ball of ball-point pen.

In deed, 60% of  iPhone was made by the Japanese components =

the components of which China couldn’t make by themselves

even when they bought and used the same machine.

So the world started to pay an attention,  Why only Japanese got a

skill to make certain component or device, and started to talk about

the Takumi (匠), such as the Mind-set of Takumi, Skill of Takumi.

(Takumi mean, the Master of something) —– the economists,

industrialists etc talking a lots about the Takumi though so far non

of them seemed to be aware of the sublimated tradition of the Zen.

When a craftsman (even an engineer) try to learn, they try it again

and again and develop a state of concentration of the mind = this is

a condition what Zen Buddhists call Mushin.  Since the concentration

in Mushin is to vacate the brain, not push high tension to the mind,

such as the blood pressure,  testosterone level doesn’t go high = able to

keep the mind and the hands calm and steady.  (= able to do the job

without an emotion or any useless thought.)

= And this was the way to use the tool and in control in making.

So, this IS what the Takumi doing.





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  1. Shen said, on May 20, 2016 at 15:05

    Good read. Thank you

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