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Twisted Lens


Lens in the optical devices must be placed exactly parallel and

having its axis in the dead center. —– That was what I thought.

But the photo above may demonstrate otherwise.

It was taken by the casually improvised 2 convex lens = one was

the rear element of Canon EF Zoom 28~70 and the other —–

thin convex lens from  somewhere.  And those lenses were

temporally stacked on front of bellows on DSLR body.  I expected

to see rather blurred poor image though, much of my surprise,

even annoyance, that lens produced pretty decent image.

= They were 2 convex lenses = even not an achromatic

convex-concave structure, still shows no chromatic aberration.


It’s not fare !  Why cheap junk couldn’t produce junk image ?

So, I mounted those two lenses in angle = say one lens got

its top downward and the other was its bottom upward. 

(Ref; center of collage photo bellow)


Front lens was off the axis 15° and the other (inside) was 10°.

Though, the image was NOT destroyed. (Like a photo above)


The image here was almost intentionally created blurred

image made by the Twisted lens mounted on a bellows.


The photo here gave rather requisite over soft image.  😀

Twisted -6-Lens-001

The photo above left is the same “Test shot”

Center photo shows how the Lens were mounted.


Now you must be convinced that the myth of precise

engineering of optics may not necessary be true.  

(That’s the reason how manufacturer produce flimsy

plastic zoom lens without showing any hesitation.)


A09A5742PS :     Later, I noticed that the rear element of

Canon Zoom showed 3 internal reflection and

a Newton-ring = they are the indication of that

the optics was the 2 element construction =

convex and concave lenses stacked together =

achromatic design.

(= that’s why the images had no chromatic aberration)


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  3. […] Those homemade lenses were mounted on the OM body cap (which can be used as a Sony E-mount body cap), so that I can change each of the lens quite easily = take one out and just stick the other.   Since its humble origin from a toy camera or disposable camera, every lens are all one or two plastic, still each of them showed the different character.  Such as the one from panorama camera got quite deep depth of field = keeping omunifocus character even under the close-up shot. (Photo above left and middle)   Still the other lens showed very nice soft image. (Photo above right) — Can you believe, those images were created by the lens costed almost nothing !   And now you might be realised that the photography even with such thousands pound Hi-Tech camera may not necessary be very precise and rigid technology or art = in fact they can be very soft.  (You can see the images if the optical axis of the lens was 15° out.)  […]

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