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Heinz Bean-3-001

While checking the Net, I heard a sudden banging noise from the

kitchen.= Bang, gang kind.  What ?   Is it a Poltergeist ? ? ?   

The sound was  nothing like a sound-effect =  very real and I never

imagined that there could be any supernatural phonomenon here.

I looked arround and located the cause to the inside of the cupboard, 

and found a tin of beans was fallen and hitting a glass next.  It seems

the tin has been swollen by its internal pressure, so that the bottom

of the tin was popped up, and the tin jumped. —– The reason why

the tin has been expanded so much was that the beans inside has been

rotten (I guess) and the pressure of the gas produced by the bacteria

came to the explosive level.

= It’s mean, the beanz has not been properly heated up or the content

has been contaminated by a dirt during the process in the Heinz factory.


I don’t normally eat the beans, neither potato (baked, chips even crisps

except Spanish omelets) — so, the reason why I bought this tin was a joke

= I used the beans to make a sweet.    Then the other tin bought together

stayed in the cupboard for many years left  forgotten. 

Now I learned, a tinned food could still get rotten. (or am I too lazy ?) 


* * *

 You might be noticed, the popping noise of the can was throughly

explained through the rational causation here. = No supernatural

mambo jumbo or dubious fantasy at all. —– This was the way how

Lord Buddha taught the people, and a kind of the matter he couldn’t

see any rationality neither find a rational explanation, he completely

ignore the question itself (such as the matter related to the Atoman /

Self or the matter about abstract notion like an infinity or universe =

since, such as the Atoman / Self which is not exists in the first place

couldn’t be seen as a subject = We can not talk about the subject which

is not exists.  Neither the subject which couldn’t be definable = such as

a subject we only imagining and nobody know what really it is, couldn’t

be a subject of discussion.) —– It’s mean, all the glorious fantasy in

the Mahayana scripture is just a decoration for the sale. 







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