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EFS Junk Macro for Scarlet Pimpernel


This Scarlet Pimpernel photo was taken by a broken Canon

EFS 18~55mm lens.   How it was made broken, I don’t know, neither

the shop staff who gave it to me did.     Despite its front element was

missing, I had a hunch, this lens works. (Above photo / at 55mm, F4)

EF Junk Macro(2)-001

In order to mount the lens onto 5D body and test, I needed to

cut off the protruded lens tail. (photo right)

EF Junk Macro(3)-001

Amazingly, the lens worked —(obviously except autofocus.)

(Still able to give a focus confirmation on manual setting !)

And on AV setting, F-aperture worked perfect and the

exposure was correct !    Without front element, the lens can still

give pretty good macro image from 1/1 at 24mm to x1.7 at 55mm.

(Though, with dreadful distortion — Don’t ask too much.  😀 )

EFS Junk MACRO(4)-A09A6311

This image was made on 55mm setting with F-11 /AV.

EFS Junk Macro(5)-A09A6310

And this one was, at 23mm setting, F-11 / AV on Canon 5D Mk-III.

—– considering it was a cheap kit lens, broken and came free,

= it wasn’t too bad was it ?    Canon is making pretty good product.


* * * * *

EF Junk Macro4-001

(Above is the original size and its part enlargement of the top photo)

EFS Junk Macro(6)-001

(Showed sharp detail though the depth of field is very shallow)

PS :  To the untrained eyes, the photos above seems to be unsharp.

So, I show you a photo of a Butterfly Wing and its cropped,

enlarged images, taken by this broken EFS Zoom lens at 55mm F11.

EFS at 55mm F11-A09A6349

(Photo above = at 55mm setting, F11 — X1.7 magnification)

EFS 55mm Clopped--001

(Center part enlarged photo of above picture)

— is it sharp enough ? 

(don’t forget, this is not even a macro lens.)   😀

(Of course, if a junk lens could show the same quality, how

the Leica’s Macro Elmar or Zeiss’ Macro Sonner could

justify their price !

—– and, we can’t talk the price of the mass-produced kit

lens and the lens hand-made for few hundred scientists

on the same basis.)



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  1. elenacaravela said, on August 5, 2016 at 19:11

    Oh my gosh, the macros are incredible!

  2. Thought on OM-D | Yoshizen's Blog said, on August 9, 2016 at 19:38

    […] Olympus OM-D, E-M1 with Canon Fisheye and broken 18~55 Zoom lens. […]

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